Hortofrutícola tradition

Fosfruit born as a means of direct marketing between the producer (farmer) and the end user (consumer). We are a Valencian family dedicated to the citrus crop for generations. We are in the bank Alta, specifically in Antella, people traditionally horticultural. 

Our goal is to offer Valencia oranges and tangerines quality of the best varieties. Our concern and we work every day is to achieve 100% satisfaction of you, our customer

Our oranges:

Clementina Nulera: Very easy to peel and eat comfortable due to its ease to separate it into sections. Ideal for the little kids. This variety does not have seeds, but it is possible that in some of its branches have some seed due to bee pollination.

Navelina: The species is collected earlier. Your skin is very thin. It has no seeds and the ease with which you can peel, the pulp consistency that allows eat without spilling juice and exquisite taste has determined that, gradually displacing the market go the rest of oranges of their group.

Navel Powell: It will form a flattened to ovoid, always navel, with the thin skin and the pulp moderate adherence. Its juice has low acid and high sugar content. The absence of limonene makes orange juice does not acquire a bitter taste

Valencia Late: As the name suggests, (late afternoon means in English) is one of the oranges that ripen later, between mid spring and mid summer. It has a lot of juice, somewhat acidic flavor and thin skin. Producing high quality juice and strong color.